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Grief Support

When those we love die, we are propelled along on a unique journey, a journey of losses, pain, sadness, confusion, changes and adjustments; a virtual emotional roller coaster.

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Some ways to help ourselves in times of Loss

Allow yourself to grieve in your own way. Cry, talk as often as you need to, keep a journal, make a memory book, pray, listen to music, make a memorial shrine. There are no hard and fast rules, just whatever works best for you.

Give yourself Time to Grieve:

There are no time limits on your grieving. It is not something you have six months in which to complete, as many well meaning friends can think. Take all the time you need, the bigger the loss to you, the longer the time of grief and healing.

Learn about Grief:

Read some of the excellent books available about Grief and Loss. The more you understand the “process” the better you will understand what is happening to you personally. Try reading ones that relate to your particular loss, for examples “loss of a child” or “loss of a husband”.

Accept the Help of Friends and Community Groups:

Do not isolate yourself in your grief; talking about how you feel to others will help you to accommodate this loss. Consider a Bereavement Support Group or a Grief Counsellor to help you on your journey through grief.

Look After Yourself:

Grief is very hard work and is emotionally and physically draining. It is important that you get enough rest and sleep, that you eat well and exercise gently. See your G.P if you are having long periods of sleep deprivation or you are not eating.

Don’t Make Important Decisions:

If you can, leave important decisions until much later. Many impulsive decisions made when you are experiencing so many intense emotions, are the wrong ones and often regretted. Many people have sold their homes soon after their loss only to regret it dearly some time later- Take time for important life changing decisions.

Seek Professional Help:

If you feel unable to cope and at the end of your endurance, see your G.P or seek help with a professional grief counsellor.
There are many really good books, supportive organisations and mutual help groups available, for example “Widow & Widowers Association”, “Bereaved Parents”, Hospice support groups,. We can help put you in touch with these groups or CONTACT US for our helpful grief booklet “My Journey”, or share your story with other experiencing similar losses.

The perfect gift

I want to give you flowers,
but there is something more,
I want to give you a meaningful card,
but there is something more,
I want to find exactly the right words,
but there is something more,
I want to give you the world, but there is something more,
I want to give you the impulse in my heart
that moves me to show you how much I care.
And that’s all that matters