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Over 85 Years of Trust

Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd have been a familiar and trusted name in Auckland for more than 85 years.

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Grief Support

When those we love die, we are propelled along on a unique journey, a journey of losses, pain, sadness, confusion, changes and adjustments; a virtual emotional roller coaster.

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Prepaid Funerals

It is never easy to think about our own mortality, let alone actually plan and even prepay one’s funeral. But, having taken the first step, we understand the need to ensure that your Pre-planning and prepayment is as straightforward as possible, that your information is kept totally confidential, and that your prepayment is secure.

More and more people today choose to either pre-plan or, more often, pre-plan and prepay their funeral, giving them peace of mind, both for themselves and their families.

There are many advantages to prepaying your funeral costs, most importantly it helps relieve your family of financial burden, it gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is settled and in place, and it can be an important consideration if the need for a rest home subsidy occurs in the future. Prepaid funeral expenses up to $10,000 are currently exempt from asset testing for residential care subsidies.

Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd Pre-Payment Plan

Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd holds and administers the funds separately from Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd. The funds are held in an Interest Bearing Deposit with one of the four main Trading Banks.

  • Your funeral is prearranged today, with the assistance and guidance of one of our funeral directors and an estimate given.
  • These details are totally confidential.
  • You and Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd sign a contract stating that your funeral instructions as agreed, will be carried out on your death.
  • You pay your funeral costs to Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd who will deposit the funds into their prepayment investment fund.
  • Once your funeral is carried out, Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd will pay the costs of the funeral at the time, directly to Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd.
  • Interest (less tax) is added to your initial payment on a yearly basis, helping to keep your prepayment abreast with inflation.
  • After your funeral expenses are paid, any surplus funds are returned to the estate. If there is a deficit, your estate will be responsible for those costs to Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd.

Valid as at June 2008

Our funeral directors will sit down with you and go over all the options in funeral planning to guide and assist you in this process. They will help you to tailor a funeral that will suit your budget and reflect your wishes as well as giving you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my money safe?

Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd will only lodge the funds with one of the major four trading banks (currently Bank of New Zealand) in an interest bearing deposit account. These funds are held separately and independently of Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd.

Is there any Tax?

There is no tax issue for you. All taxes on interest earned are deducted at source in the name of Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd and the net interest added to your initial prepayment.

Are there any administration costs or hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden commissions or administration charges. All costs of administering the prepaid funeral fund are paid by Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd.

What if the funeral costs are less than the amount in the prepaid fund?

Any excess after funeral expenses are paid, is paid back to your estate by Morrison Funeral Planning Ltd.

What if the funeral costs more than my fund?

If the cost of the funeral exceeds the amount of the prepaid funeral plus accumulated interest, then the estate, or next of kin, will be responsible for any deficit in funeral expenses payable to Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd.

Can I withdraw from the contract?

No, but we will of course consider unique circumstances such as relocating outside New Zealand.

Can I pre-arrange my funeral, without having to pay now?

Yes, we have an alternative arrangement where you can just preplan your funeral service and have your details held on file. Payment arrangements would then be made with your executor or next of kin at the time of your death. However you can convert from just preplanned to preplanned and prepaid at any time.

Please go to our PREPARRANGING YOUR FUNERAL to complete your arrangements on line or download the information you will need.