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Over 85 Years of Trust

Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd have been a familiar and trusted name in Auckland for more than 85 years.

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Grief Support

When those we love die, we are propelled along on a unique journey, a journey of losses, pain, sadness, confusion, changes and adjustments; a virtual emotional roller coaster.

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What to do when someone dies

Often when faced with death we simply don’t know what to do! The shock and confusion that follows can leave you stunned and numb.

Firstly, you do not need to hurry to do anything immediately. Have family or friends come to support you and take your time to spend these precious moments with the person who has died.

Ring your family Doctor. He or she will need to attend the death and issue a medical certificate. If you have no family Doctor, then you must ring the police who will arrange for medical examination and the medical certificate through the coroner.

Then, ring us; we will liaise with the authorities on your behalf.  If any of this seems confusing then just ring us and we will guide you and advise what step to take next.