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Over 85 Years of Trust

Morrison Funeral Directors Ltd have been a familiar and trusted name in Auckland for more than 85 years.

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When those we love die, we are propelled along on a unique journey, a journey of losses, pain, sadness, confusion, changes and adjustments; a virtual emotional roller coaster.

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The Family - what you can do

Now that you have contacted us and arranged a time to make funeral arrangements, there are things that you can do to assist us, and it can be helpful to keep busy with some of these tasks. Don’t worry if you do not feel like doing anything! Our Funeral Directors will go over all the options available with you and walk you through step by step.

Look for your family details like birth certificates, marriage certificates etc, we will need much of this information to register the death. (see our pre-arrangement form for all of the information needed)

If you wish to have your loved one home, you will need to select the clothing you would like them dressed in and have them ready for us. If you would like to help to dress your loved one you need to tell us as soon as possible.

Think about where you would like the service held, discuss with your family what music you would like played at the service, have you any special songs or verses that you would like sung, or read, or printed for the service.

Look for photos that you may want on your service sheets, or for a photoboard display or DVD presentation.

Is there anything special you would like included in the newspaper notice, perhaps thanks to an organisation that has been supportive, or donations to a favourite charity.

Contact your solicitor or executor if possible, as there may be special instructions in the will that you need to be aware of.